Polson Student Host Fundraiser to Tackle Local Food Insecurity

Two Polson students are turning their lessons into actions this holiday season.  Sixth grade students Claire Rickelman and Maizie Byrne are holding a bake sale this Saturday, December 21st to help raise money for local folks facing food insecurity this holiday season.

The idea for the bake sale stemmed from a classroom assignment. The first sixth grade Social Studies unit explores food insecurity locally and globally, as well as methods of food production and current issues with food (GMOs, organic, etc.)  The final assignment asks students to do something either personally, locally, or globally that connects to the unit. Some students chose to make changes about their own food choices, and Maizie and Claire wanted to do something to combat food insecurity in Madison according to teacher Mrs. Micciche. Students were shocked to learn that approximately 7.8% of Madison residents are food insecure.

“I was surprised because we usually think that Food Insecurity is where poor people are, and we don’t think of Madison as a poor place,” said Claire. “Since they have a food pantry, we thought that would have enough to take care of people who needed food.  We go to school with people who are probably food insecure.”

Both students decided a bake sale would be a good way to raise money and encouraged people to come out and support the sale this weekend. 

“People need to care about our town and do what they can to help others be happy and healthy,” said Maizie.  

The bake sale is Saturday, December  21, 2019 from 11 am to 2 pm in front of bellaPerlina in downtown Madison.

Claire and Maizie's Bake Sale 12/21/19 11 - 2 downtown Madison