Polson Students Design Video Games in Tech X Class

Grade 7 students at Polson Middle School are putting their technology skills into action. Through the class Technology Explorations (aka “Tech X”), students learn to apply various technology skills in fun, exciting ways. Students create their own podcasts, explore digital storytelling through video editing software, design their own video games and play them on GameBoy-style handheld devices, and are also introduced to computer aided design by exploring the exciting world of 3D modeling and printing. 

This week, students finished up their individual video games. Each game had to meet certain criteria to ensure each incorporated core game mechanics while being innovative and fun. In the video below, student Erin Cerny demonstrates how a player would need to move in her game in order to advance though the various levels. 

“It was a little hard in the beginning,” she said of learning how to design the game. “But it was fun once you got the hang of it.” 

students creating their own video games at Polson Middle School
Mr. Kiefer assists a student in Tech Explorations Class creating video games
Mr Kiefer assists a student in Tech Explorations class
Two students at Polson creating video games