Polson Students Peace Poster Recognized by Lion’s Club

Several 7th grade Polson Middle School students were recently recognized by the Lion’s Club of Madison for their entries to the Lion’s Peace Poster Contest. Lions Clubs throughout the world sponsor the art contest for children ages 11-13 in local schools and youth groups. The Madison Lions Club has sponsored this international contest for the last 20 years. 

Each year there is a different theme that students have to illustrate.  This year the theme was “Journey of Peace” according to Polson Art teacher Christa Radziunas.

“In addition to the poster, students must write a brief artist’s statement explaining their meaning of the poster,” she said of the contest requirements. “I tie this project into our curriculum by introducing the art style of Surrealism. Students study the art work of various Surrealists and use the characteristics of this style in their own art piece. Posters are on display at Polson for the month of January.”

A total of 62 students participated in the contest. Winners were recognized at the Madison Senior Center on January 18 with a gift and an award certificate. 

Art Teacher Christa Radziunas with Polson student winners of Peace Poster contest

Polson Art Teacher Christa Radziunas stands with Polson students and their award winning posters from the Lions Club Peace Poster contest. 

Journey of Peace by Angie Wang

Angie Wang
1st Place
Journey of Peace 

My poster shows a dove circling over the world leaving a rainbow trail with a peace flag and olive branch clamped in its beak. How it illustrates "Journey of Peace" is it shows how the dove carries "peace" which is the flag all around the world, which is what the Earth and trail show.  The trail is rainbow to represent the diversity and color in our world, and also that we're equal no matter our race, skin color, gender, or religion.  The meaning of the olive branch that the bird has in its beak was peace and/or victory which was a popular belief in Ancient Greece.  I think that true victory for the Earth would be that everyone could live together happily with nothing to worry about.  It's not knives that stab us, it's not bullets that shoot us, and its not bombs that kill us, rather, its humans, its us that kill ourselves and the living creatures around us. Because nothing on Earth can hurt us more than we do to ourselves, which is why, if we could all just remain peaceful on this Earth, we could truly make our planet a better place to live for those of the future and beyond.

Seorin Kim - 2nd Place

Seorin Kim 
2nd Place

My peace poster represents how people on Earth can work together to achieve world peace.  The three people that are walking together across the Path of Peace represent people of different backgrounds and nationalities. On their Journey of Peace, which is symbolized by doves, there is a large Wheel of Peace that needs to be rolled.  The people are holding hands and moving the Wheel of Peace toward their common goal of reaching Peace.  Everyone in the world strives to achieve peace with one another.  We can all do that by working together in harmony and with universal love.

Alexis Kuszpa - 3rd Place

Alexis Kuszpa
3rd Place

My poster shows peace.  First, because the doves are flying to the Earth with flags.  The doves symbolize peace.  They also show that they are traveling calmly to Earth.  The flags that he birds are holding show peace.  This is because they have peace signs and hearts.  Another thing that show peace is the lighting in my picture.  This is because where the flags are doves are I used bright colors showing that everything is happy and peaceful.  My picture as a whole shows Journey to Peace. This is because the doves are flying to create peace on Earth.  Making peace between different cultures, people, families, political conflicts, human rights, and more.

Lila Calia-Bogan Honorable mention

Lila Calia-Bogan
Honorable Mention

My poster shows Journey of Peace because I think that people along the journey of peace should realize that we have and be thankful for everything - like trees and the amazing mountain ranges we have.  But also be thankful and realize what we have built is amazing - like the Statue of Liberty.  In the center, we have the world and people of different races forming a peace sign in the middle. I wanted this to show that no matter how different we are, we all live on the same Earth!

Angie Wang holding her certificate stands next to her 1st place winning Peace Poster

Angie Wang, holding her certificate, stands next to her 1st place winning Peace Poster

Seorin Kim, 2nd place, with poster and award.

Seorin Kim, 2nd place, with poster and award certificate.

Lila Calia-Bogan with her award and Peace Poster

Lila Calia-Bogan with her award and Peace Poster

Winners included:

1st place – Angie Wang

2nd place – Seorin Kim

3rd place – Alexis Kuszpa

Honorable mention - Caroline Courtney, Cora Davia, and Lila Calia-Bogan

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