Summer Math Challenge

The Summer Math Challenge for K-8 students is off to a great start. We have had many students participate by completing the weekly challenge problems. It's not too late to join.  Each week there are two different levels of problems provided with a problem for each day of the week. Use the class code below, to join the appropriate grade level.

Entering Grades 1 - 3 :   Summer Learning Google Classroom class code: cbjljso
Entering Grades 4 - 5 :   Brown Summer Math Google Classroom class code: vrlyzqu
Entering Grades 6 - 8:    Polson Summer Math Google Classroom class code: kpe2zfe

Here's an example of a **Star Challenge Problem this week:

Laurel is planning a family reunion. She has tables that seat 6 people each. All the tables and chairs have 4 legs each. Altogether there are 364 furniture legs. If there is one place set for each person who will attend the family reunion, how many guests is Laurel expecting?

Don't miss all math fun this summer! Join our Summer Math Challenge.