WFSB Channel 3 News Visits Polson


Last week Polson Grade 6 students had a virtual assembly with meteorologist Mark Dixon from the WFSB Channel 3 News studio.

The assembly tied in with the Weather/Climate unit students are currently studying.  The students have learned how to predict the weather using a variety of maps (we saw that Mark Dixon uses the same maps we provided to the students in his presentation). The students applied that knowledge of weather forecasting to create their own weather forecast using a place and time assigned (the places and dates were in the past so we could provide them with the accurate maps from that date). The students learned about fronts, wind speed, wind direction, high pressure/low pressure systems, precipitation, and how topography impacts weather.

Weather/Climate Unit 

meteorologist Mark Dixon from the WFSB Channel 3 News studio
weather prediction technology
Scot Hanley