Writing Celebration

Polson Middle School Holds Writing Celebration for Grade 7 Students

On Friday,  October 25, 2019 Grade 7 students at Polson Middle School gathered in the building for a writing celebration, the culminating activity for our Readers and Writers Workshop Launch which had students writing every day.   

Throughout the Launch, students followed various writing prompts including mimicking different literary styles, writing under the inspiration of mentor authors, and creative writing warm ups. Over the last two weeks, students reflected on their work and chose one piece to "Pull and Polish," making it the best it could be after targeted mini lessons on authors craft techniques, peer feedback, and teacher conferences. The result was nearly 400 pages of original writing, which was then compiled into a bound book for each team, Team 7-1 and Team 7-2. The books include a variety of writing such as novellas in verse, rap lyrics, poetry, graphic novels, autobiographical pieces, short stories, and essays.  

At the celebration, students were excited to see their published work for the first time. Students gathered on couches to read, share, and celebrate, not only their own work but the work of their peers. Every 10 minutes or so, the group held a "Shout Out" where students could share an interesting line they'd read with the whole group. The Shout Outs ranged from lighthearted and funny to serious and thoughtful, all of them acknowledging the work of the grade 7 team. 

Polson students working on writing
Polson Middle School writing celebration
Polson Students writing

Click below to view examples of student work:

First page of the PDF file: PolsonWritingCelebration