School Counseling

School Counseling Office (203) 245-6487
Fax (203) 245-6494
Attendance Line (203) 245-6485

The Polson School Counselors provide social, emotional and academic support to all students every day. School Counselors loop with students so students will have the same School Counselor during their 3 years at Polson. Students are encouraged to access their counselor throughout the day by visiting the counseling department located behind the main office. Students can also email their counselor to request an appointment. 

All students have access to counselor’s Google classrooms and should be checking them regularly for important updates and grade level information. 

  • Ms. Doane’s 6th grade Google classroom code: esewoux
  • Mrs. Kilian’s 7th grade Google classroom code: zqmdljn
  • Miss Romano’s 8th grade Google classroom code: gb65c6j



Charlene Doane

Counselor, Grade 6

Rachel Kilian

Counselor, Grade 7

Maryssa Romano

Counselor, Grade 8