When a student is absent, his or her parent should call the school attendance line 245-6485 prior to 9:00 AM to notify school. Please leave a message including your child's name, date, grade and reason for absence. Please note that voicemail is in operation during non-school hours. The guidance secretary will attempt to contact a parent to verify the absence if a parent has not notified the school.

To ensure that we are able to do so, please update and return student information forms (emergency information forms) to the student's homeroom teacher within the first week of school.

If a student is absent from school or suspended, he or she will not be allowed to participate in any after-school activities on that day. A student must be in school by 11:30 AM to be considered eligible for after-school activities.

If a student has been absent as a result of a contagious disease (e.g., strep, pneumonia, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, chicken pox), serious injury, or hospitalization, parents must report this information to the school nurse by telephone (245-6463) or by email ( before the student returns to school.

According to Madison Board of Education policy, a student who is identified as a "truant" (four unexcused absences in any one month or ten in any school year) may be subject to the following consequences: A. Retention. B. Referral to state agency.


The faculty and staff at Polson Middle School believe that time missed from class is irreplaceable. We recognize that, in some instances, family obligations arise requiring absence from school; however, we strongly discourage families from taking vacations during the school year. Loss in continuity in instruction may result in a drop in the student's performance.

Inorder that an educational plan may be created to best provide for each student's educational progress, written notification to the school principal or your child's guidance counselor of vacations occurring while school is in session will be required at least two weeks (ten school days) in advance of the planned vacation. An independent study contract must be completed for each student who will be missing three or more days for a family vacation.

Early Dismissal

Parents are urged to make medical and dental appointments for their children after school hours. In some instances this may be impossible. If a student must be excused for a medical appointment during the school day, the parent should send a note in with the child on the day of the appointment. The student should give the note to the main office or guidance office in the morning during homeroom. Students should also remember to procure the assignments for any classes that they may miss as a result of their early dismissal.

Please note:

A student will not be dismissed for an early appointment unless his or her parent has written a note in advance or until his or her parent comes to the office to sign out the child. Additionally, students returning to school must sign back in at the main office.


To ensure uninterrupted instruction, all students are expected to be on time for school and for each class. Anyone who is not in homeroom by 7:30 AM (except for students on busses that may run late) is considered tardy and must report to the guidance office for a pass.

Four tardies to school or to class, per trimester, will result in an office detention. Students will be assigned a detention for each additional tardy after four per trimester.