Coffee with the Counselors

Did you miss the 2023 Coffee with the Counselor Presentation?

Here are some tips and links to resources the counseling team shared during their presentation.

pen and writing pad next to coffee cup

Tips to support academic success & executive functioning skills:

  • Check Infinite Campus- grade and assignment status posted by teacher
  • Check google classroom
  • Contact individual teacher or reach out to counselor to schedule team meeting
  • Limit absences & late arrivals
  • Use checklists and visual schedules
  • Reinforce prioritization of homework & long term assignments
  • Set a designated study & homework space
  • Help maintain an organized backpack, binder, locker and email inbox with scheduled cleanouts
  • Create a household schedule & master schedule
  • Discuss & practice with your student effective stress management strategies like deep breathing, taking breaks, using fidgets, talking with a trusted adult