Teacher of the Year

Martha Curran

Connecticut Association of Schools

Middle Level Educator of the Year 2017-2018


The Connecticut Association of Schools is pleased to announce Mrs. Martha Curran of Polson Middle School in Madison as the recipient of the CAS 2017-2018 Middle Level Educator of the Year Award.

Chosen from among several outstanding educators, Mrs. Curran’s strong connections with her students, positive energy, passion for her profession, and willingness to share her expertise with others have earned her this award.

In her own words, “I light a little spark and watch light bulbs go off for my kids, and if there is no spark, I reflect and know that I have to do something differently.” Martha believes that she learns so much from her students and garners her amazing energy from them. She works tirelessly at teaching the skills her students will need to be successful “way after they leave my classroom.” Understanding that the beginning point for each student may be different, Martha sees every day as a “fresh start.” This, along with her belief that “yet” is an important word, turning I can’t into I can’t do it YET, gives every child an opportunity to be successful.

Martha Curran’s love for teaching impacts both her students and colleagues. She is a credit to her profession, to Polson Middle School, and to Madison Schools. Martha will be recognized for this achievement at the October 17th Madison Board of Education Meeting. Congratulations to Martha as the recipient of the CAS 2017-2018 Middle Level Educator of the Year Award.

Martha Curran 2018 Teacher of the Year
Martha Curran, Madison Teacher of the Year 2018
Martha Curran
Martha Curran