2021-2022 MPS Reopening

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MPS Reopening Plan Addendum Spring 2022

First page of the PDF file: ReopeningaddendumSpring2022

MPS Reopening Plan

First page of the PDF file: MPSReopeningPlanAugust2021

MPS At-A-Glance

School Site Active Student Cases Active Employee Cases
Jeffrey Elementary School 3 2
Ryerson Elementary School 0 0
Brown Intermediate School 4 0
Polson Middle School 4 1
Daniel Hand High School 17 0
Town Campus Learning Center 0 0

Updated May 25, 2022 at 3:45 p.m. Active case totals are updated at the end of the day.  

State of Connecticut

First page of the PDF file: MPSReopeningStateTemplate2021

MPS Reopening Addendum

First page of the PDF file: MPSReopeningAddendumWinter21-22