Mask Protocol Guidance

MPS Mask Guidance Effective February 28, 2022

Following the expiration of the state’s mask mandate, Madison Public Schools will move to a “mask recommended” model for mask wearing in school buildings. Effective Monday, February 28, 2022 mask wearing in school buildings will be optional for students and staff.   

The following rules regarding mask wearing still apply for all students and staff:  

  • Under the “mask recommended” model, the Department of Public Health (DPH) retains the authority to impose a universal mask mandate if there is a local or state-wide need due to an outbreak. Local school districts also maintain the ability to institute mask wearing due to local conditions.   
  • For the five days following the quarantine or isolation period, individuals are recommended to continue to wear a well-fitting mask in all settings.     

MPS Mask Guidance 2021-2022 

*The following guidance is in compliance with state mandate 13A regarding face coverings in schools. The district will continue to review and revise its mask-wearing policies as the State of Connecticut offers new guidance for schools.  

For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, all students and staff - regardless of vaccination status - are required to wear masks that completely cover the nose and mouth while inside a school building and on the bus, with exceptions only for those individuals for whom it is not safe to do so due to medical conditions. 

Parents will be responsible for providing students with face coverings or masks. We also encourage students to bring an extra mask to school daily. Schools will have backup disposable masks available for students who forget them. “Mask Breaks” will be provided throughout the day.

Madison Public Schools Mask Protocol Guidance for the 2021-2022 school year:   

as advised by CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, Department of Public Health, and State of Connecticut in consultation with:

  • Stephanie Lesnik, Director of Nursing
  • Karen Goldberg, District Medical Advisor
  • Trent Joseph, Madison Health Director
  • District Reopening Steering Committee 
Situation Action
During School Day Wear Mask
Entering / Exiting Building Wear Mask
Teacher Instruction

Wear a mask during instruction. There should be limited times when masks are removed for instruction, such as speech and counseling.

Scheduled Mask Breaks

Masks can be removed at the teacher’s instruction, ideally when students are outdoors or with a protective barrier in place. 


Students can remove masks when instruction takes place outdoors. Students and staff should continue to wear face coverings when PE instruction takes place indoors.

Music Students will be permitted to play their instrument indoors while maintaining the required distance and using PPE that is suitable for instruments. Students will maintain social distancing for chorus class and will wear masks while singing. Instruction will take place outdoors when possible.
Lunch If lunch takes place indoors, students may remove masks to eat if social distancing is achieved or barrier shields are in place. 


Students and staff can remove masks when outdoors for mask breaks, recess, lunch, and other outdoor activities.