January Happenings on the Hill


This Month's Highlight: Friendships in Mrs. Santoro's Class

The kindergarten classes started off 2022 reading and writing about friends. We have been paying close attention to how characters in book feel and what makes some characters good friends.  Piggy and Gerald, Penguin and Pinecone and Pete the Cat are some of our current classroom favorites.   We are also taking time to practice good friendship skills in our classroom including listening to others, taking turns, using kind words and complimenting each other. 

students in santoros class read
Student reads in kindergarten

First Grade

This Month's Highlight: Fundations in Mrs. Iacobellis' Class

This month First graders are excited about our non-fiction reading and writing units. Students will be introduced to a variety of non-fiction books and text features as they learn to discuss what they wonder, question, learn and evaluate with other readers.  Students will transfer this learning into writing their own How To and All About books.  

First grade student studies fundations
students practice fundations


Second Grade

This Month's Highlight: Math in Mrs. Figurelli's Class

In second grade, we have been learning all about measurement! They have discovered and explored measuring in inches, feet and yards and are currently working on centimeters and meters in our Metric System. 

students use meter stick
student shows of yard stick tool

Third Grade

This Month's Highlight: Math Workplaces in Mrs. Parente's Class

Third graders are learning about fractions and playing a math game that further enhances their understanding of fractions.  They are comparing fractions and looking at equivalent fractions.  

students learn about fractions
students practice with fractions