New Elementary School Counselor at Ryerson/Jeffrey

Madison Public Schools now has school counselors at every building in the district with the addition of Rachel Lynch, the new elementary school counselor who splits her time between Ryerson and Jeffrey Elementary School. 

Lynch said the concept of a school counselor at the elementary level might seem a bit different to some, but she said the goal of the position is to help students master, “those foundational social emotional learning pieces and skills that we don’t necessarily don’t always remember need to be taught”.  

In the role, Lynch said she is a resource for students and a support for classroom teachers as well. She said the hope for this position is to be available to all elementary students. “Students that maybe have a certain circumstances that changed in their life like a grandparent passed away and they are really struggling with that or they are having peer-relation issues so its problems that all students have,” she said. “When I go into classrooms and I explain what I do to kids I say I help students solve problems”.   

Lynch said another key part of her job is being a resource for parents. She said not every issue or problem requires building principal intervention. “I am not a disciplinarian at all but I am someone who can be a connection,” she said. “I’m here to help.”   

Rachel Lynch School Counselor