Ryerson Celebrates Kindness with All-School Assembly

On Nov. 26 the Ryerson School community gathered together to celebrate an important concept: Kindness.  

Students have been exploring in their classrooms what kindness means, how it makes them feel, and how they can recognize it. For the assembly, classes filled out a poster that depicts what kindness means to them. Responses included: following the golden rule, asking someone new to play at recess, helping people when they get hurt, saying “please” and “thank you”, and remembering to share and take turns with others.  

During the assembly, Principal Kelly Spooner read the book Say Something to students and then shared with them the important role kindness has in the learning and community at Ryerson School

“We are going to come together every month around this idea of kindness so that anybody, when you are asked, you can say to them that you know what kindness means because of how we act, what we say, and what we do at Ryerson School,” she said. 

female student reads essay
Principal reads book to students
students spell Kindness with cards
boy holds book over his head