Ryerson Students Practice Yoga

February 4, 2020 - Students at Ryerson Elementary School recently participated in a Tea Light Yoga lesson, a culminating end-of-unit project in P.E.  
Yoga has been an integral part of the Ryerson P.E. curriculum for the past few years and activities are tailored to fit each grade level. When students reach third grade, they participate in a whole class yoga segment. They then work in pairs/small groups to create their own "Yoga Bursts."  Their Yoga Burst has 8 poses that can easily transition from one to the next. They are encouraged to use a variety of levels of poses (high, middle, low).  Their resources include: alphabet yoga pictures (pose for each letter), classroom segment poster, and a variety of poses on our Yoga mats.  

This week, third grades taught those Yoga Bursts to second grade students at the Tea Light Yoga lesson. Third and second grade students were split into groups that rotated through the different bursts. As an added treat for students, teacher Mrs. Susan Daub brought in tea lights and played yoga music to make it a true kinesthetic lesson.  

MPS is currently reviewing the Wellness curriculum. As students were experiencing yoga, a diverse group of experts were meeting at Central Office creating a platform for an integrated approach to educating our K-12 students.  The districtwide team included members from Health, Physical Education, Guidance, Social Work, classroom teachers and Madison Youth and Family Services. 

Third grade students lead second grade students through the various “Yoga Bursts” as soft music plays.

Visit the Curriculum website to learn more about Wellness curriculum development.

Curriculum Development

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Ryerson student strikes a yoga pose in physical education class
Students at Ryerson participate in yoga class
Students at Ryerson enjoy Yoga during PE
Ryerson student doing  yoga in PE class
Ryerson students in the gym
Yoga Students at Ryerson in Cat Pose
Ryerson Tea light yoga - student strikes the downward dog pose
Ryerson student practices the Easy pose in yoga
Tea Light Yoga in the Ryerson gym - students in Easy pose
Yoga Happy Baby pose performed by Ryerson student during PE class
Student practicing Balancing pose in yoga in the Ryerson gym