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Language Arts

Students are encouraged to read!  All Madison students have access to a wide variety of ebooks and audiobooks through Sora (formerly Overdrive.)  Follow the prompts to connect to Madison Public School collection and use your student ID number to log in.  The Sora app can also be downloaded on most devices.  

Suggested Reading

Menu of Activities for 6-8

Newsela: recent magazine and newspaper articles, log in using google email

Search "Grammar" in Brainpop
Username: madisonps
Password:  madison06443

Khan Academy Grammar

Grammar Games

Grade 6 - Capstone Interactive E-Books
Username:  continue
Password:  reading



Use Newsela's database of articles to find information on the following concepts:
Water pollution
Sound & Light
Cardiovascular System

Username:  madisonps
Password: madison06443

Plate Tectonics

Evaluating a Website


Social Studies

Use Newsela's database of articles to find information on the following topics: 

Water Conservation
Israel & Palestine 
Roaring Twenties
Great Depression
Dust Bowl
Civil Rights
Women's Rights
Students use google email to log in to Newsela.

Username:  madisonps
Password:  madison06443

Evaluating a Website


Some fun, creative 3D modeling challenges with CAD software (Tinkercad)!

Tinkercad is a cloud-based Computer Aided Design (CAD) program that allows you to create and store 3D designs all within a standard web browser like Google Chrome. If you've never used Tinkercad, complete these lessons first. Then try some of the challenges below.

Build a House.

Build a Balloon-powered Car.

Make a Custom Candy Mold for homemade chocolate.

Create a Beaked Whale

Create an Alien

By logging into Google's CS First program with their MPS Google accounts, students can engage in some fun, creative block coding challenges.

Google CS First



Every school has posted learning opportunities for students during the school closure.  If your child is not able to access grade level materials due to requiring accommodations or modifications in their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, please contact Dr. Liz Battaglia to ensure your child has equal access to the general education materials during the closure.