Summer Reading

The Madison Public Schools 2017 Suggested Summer Reading List has been compiled through the collaborative efforts of many community professionals and students. It is designed to be an interactive tool to connect students with reading materials, encourage reading as a habit, and prevent the “summer slide." All students are asked to submit a completed Recording Sheet in the fall.

While the list suggests a wide variety of genres, consider it a starting point. Encourage your child(ren) not to be limited to the titles on the list and advise them to seek out other resources to find that “just right" book. Whether it is your local librarian, bookseller, or you, the parent; everyone can play a role in developing a community of readers.

It should be noted that many of the titles in the 2017 Summer Reading List are available in e-book and audio format. These can be found through the Scranton Library catalog or through Madison Public Schools' ebook collections.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and relaxing summer being transformed by these wonderful books. Let's keep working together to make reading an important daily activity in our young people's lives.