Summer Math

Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Polson Middle School

Summer Math 2018

Summer 2018

Dear Students,

Are you looking for a way to start the new school year off on the right foot? Maintaining the math skills you learned last year will make you most successful in your new math course.

The lists below show important prerequisite skills and concepts needed as you enter a new course. There are links to support your practice in the right hand column. We’ve targeted math skills that will have the greatest impact towards your success in the Fall.

Look for math in everything you do this summer! Do some baking to refresh your fraction skills. Help your parents estimate the tip for your server at a restaurant using percents. Look for Geometry in the home improvement activities that are happening at your house or in your yard.

Mathematically Yours,

The Polson Math Teachers

Math 7 and Grade 7 Pre-Algebra

For Students Entering Math 7 and Grade 7 Pre-Algebra

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Be fluent with multiplication and division facts

Examples: 18 ÷ 3 and 8X2

Links to Resources/Games: Madison Summer Math K-6

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Be able to (fluently) work with all four operations and decimals

Examples: 4X6.2 and 3.86 + 2.5 and 654 ÷ 0.2

Links to Resources/Games: Decimal Jeopardy and Decimal Operations Board Game

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Be able to (fluently) work with all four operations and fractions

Examples: ¾ + ⅛ and 6 X ⅔ and 8 ÷ ¾ and ½ ÷ ¾

Links to Resources/Games: Adding Fractions - Khan Academy andMultiplying Fractions - Khan Academy and Multiplying Mixed Numbers - Khan Academy

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Graph and name points on the coordinate plane

Example: Graph the point (-2,3)

Links to Resources/Games: Play the ‘all four quadrants’ version of this game and Find the point

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Use the order of operations to simplify expressions

Examples: 4 + 3 X 52 and 8 - (2 + 3) + 3

Links to Resources/Games: Order of Operations - Khan Academy and Order of Operations Game and Greg Tang Expresso

Grade 8 Pre-Algebra

For Students Entering Grade 8 Pre-Algebra

You should be strong in all the skills and concepts listed above for entering 7th grade math courses

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: All skills listed for 7th grade courses.

Examples: 12x + 4 = 40 and -3y + 2 = 14 and -6 = 7 - a

Link to Resource/Game: Solving Equations: Several Levels

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Be fluent with all four operations and integers including using the order of operations

Examples: -3 + 32 and (-3)(4) and -24 ¸ (-3)

Links to Resources/Games: Integer Addition Block Game and Integer Subtraction and Order of Operations Game and Create Your Own Expression and Check Your Solution and Greg Tang Minus Mania

Prerequisite Skill/Concept Needed: Evaluate an expression (substitution with positive and negative numbers)

Example: Find 3a + b2 if a = -5 and b = -1

Link to Resource/Game: Substitution: Several Levels of Practice


For Students Entering Algebra

You should be strong in all the skills and concepts listed above for entering Pre-Algebra

Use this link to get the skills list, link to resources, and practice problem for students entering Algebra I. You can also find this information on the Madison School District webpage. Look for the ‘STUDENTS’ tab and then find ‘SUMMER’ and you will find summer math and reading information

Daniel Hand High School


Students entering math courses at Daniel Hand High School will use skills and concepts from previous courses that are essential for future success. In order to help students “stay fresh” on these essential skills, the Math Department has compiled skills lists, links to resources, and practice problems with solutions for a variety of courses. The department also offers links to videos that will reinforce the prerequisite skills that are most essential as students enter the course in the fall. These resources are helpful to reference as student progress as Mathematicians. We hope you use these additional resources to refresh and revisit skills this summer and throughout the year as needed. Students may also work with their teacher, outside of class, or visit a Learning Lab for additional support during the school year.

Algebra I


Pre Algebra skills for Algebra I

Click the worksheet to open


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Algebra II

Prerequisite skills for Algebra II Level 2

Click the worksheet to open