Grade 8


For Students Entering Grade 8 Pre-Algebra

Prerequisite Skills/Concepts Needed


Links to Resources/Games

Can you do all the skills listed for 7th grade courses?



Can you solve two step equations using inverse operations?

12x + 4 = 40
-3y + 2 = 14
-6 = 7 - a



Are you fluent with all four operations and integers including using the order of operations?

-3 + 32
-24 ÷ (-3)


Can you evaluate an expression (substitution with positive and negative numbers)?

Find 3a + b2 if a = -5 and b = -1


For Students Entering Algebra 

  • You should be strong in all the skills and concepts listed above for entering Pre-Algebra
  • Use this link to get the  skills list, link to resources, and practice problem for students entering Algebra I.  You can also find this information on the Madison School District webpage.  Look for the ‘STUDENTS’ tab and then find ‘SUMMER’ and you will find summer math and reading information.