K-8 Math


Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for all the amazing support you have given your child during this challenging school year.  Now that summer is upon us, we encourage you to find time to incorporate math at home. Playing games, solving real world problems, and using technology are just a few fun ways to help our students retain their number sense, further develop their computational fluency and challenge themselves.

K-8 Summer Math Google Classroom

We have created a K -8 Summer Math Google Classroom in which you can find the activities and other resources for your child to engage with math this summer. If your child has yet to join, they will need to log into their Madison Public Schools Google account when joining the Google Classroom.  The code to join this classroom is: fcfjxum

For students entering 1 - 5, you will find an activity menu for each grade with a variety of ways your child can engage in math activities this summer. We encourage each child to try to complete as many squares as they can on the menu for the grade level they are entering in the fall over the course of the summer. Squares can be colored in or circled to indicate which activities were completed. Hold onto this menu and return it with your child when we come back to school in August.

For students entering grades 6 - 8, you will find a table of important prerequisite skills and concepts needed as you enter a new grade.  There are links to support your practice in the right hand column. We’ve targeted math skills that will have the greatest impact towards your success in the Fall.  

Want to engage in mathematical problem solving?  On the Google Class, we have included a set of weekly ‘Problems to Ponder’ from NCTM. These problems come in several levels.

Summer is a great time to explore individual interests - take advantage of your free time and expand your mind!

Stacey Daly

Math Coach, Grade 6

Jennifer Maxwell

Math Specialist

Carol Sullivan

K-8 Mathematics Coordinator