Grade 2

Play a board game

board game

Play Amazing Coin

Amazing Coin

Build shapes with Math Learning
Center’s Pattern Block App (free)

Pattern Block App

Practice addition facts from the
suggested list with an app, game or website



Practice telling time to the hour and half hour

(ie. make a clock out of a paper plate or try an online game from

Play a game on (choose a K or gr 1 game)

Play a card game

playing card

Grab a handful of coins Can you sort and name each coin?



Check out
to practice story problems

Make a favorite recipe with an adult

baking cookies

Count to 120 by 1’s and 10’s

Start at a non-decade
number (6, 16,26…)

Try it backwards!


Get out and Exercise!

Count your hops, skips and jumps! 

How many kicks, baskets or goals can you make in a row?


Grab & Count

Grab a handful of objects (coins,
cereal, beads). 

Can you add them together?

Read Greg Tang’s book, 


Geometry Fun!

Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and collect 2-D and 3-D shapes. Build something with them listing all of
the shapes you used.

Complete a puzzle



Create a summer calendar

Add the days of the week and
number the days. Ask, What day
comes before? What day comes
after…? How many days until...

Read a math book

(see suggested list for ideas)

Lemonade for Sale


Free Choice

Play Illuminations
Deep Sea Duel 

deep sea duel