Grade 3

Play a board game

board game

Play Math Thinking Blocks Addition & Subtraction

Build shapes with Math Learning
Center’s Geoboard App


Choose an activity from the “Real World Math Fun” section


Practice addition facts from the
suggested list with an app, game or website


Play a game from the  “Recommended Websites” list

Play a card game

playing card

Create a Book Log

Look at the clock before you
begin a boo k. Write down the time you started. When you finish reading, look at the clock to record what time you finished.


Check out
to practice story problems

Make a favorite recipe with an adult

baking cookies

Complete a puzzle


Free Choice


Play a place value game from the
suggested activities

Read Greg Tang’s book,
Math Appeal

Teach someone how to add
two-digit numbers using a number line

Read a math book.

(see suggested list for ideas)


Practice subtraction facts to 20 from the suggested list with an app, game or website

Teach someone how to
subtract two-digit numbers using
a number line 

Grab a handful of coins Can you sort and name each coin? Can you count the total?

Estimate how tall each
member of your family is in
inches and then actually
measure them