Grade 4

Play a board game

board game

Play Greg Tang’s
Expresso Expert +/-

Expresso Expert by Greg Tang

Check Out MLC’s Fractions App Create different fraction

MLC Fractions

Choose an activity from the “Real World Math Fun” section


Practice addition facts from the
suggested list with an app, game or website


Play a game from the  “Recommended 
” list

Play a card game

playing card

Teach someone all the strategies that you know for adding multi-digit numbers (i.e. number line, splitting, give & take...)


Check out
to practice story problems

Make a favorite recipe with an adult

baking cookies

Complete a puzzle


Practice multiplication 
facts with an app, a game or on a website


How Long Did You Read?
Look at the clock before you begin a book. What time did you start? What time did you stop
reading? Figure out the number of minutes you read.

Read Greg Tang’s book,
Best of Times

(Available to read for free at )

Choose an activity from the “Real World Math Fun

Read a math book.

(see suggested list for ideas)


Free Choice

Teach someone all the
strategies you know for
subtracting multi-digit
(i.e. number line,
constant difference…)

Go on a Quadrilateral Hunt 

Create a list of  which  quadrilaterals you found.

Estimate the weight of an object in grams. 

Weigh the object to check your estimate.