Summer Reading

MPS ball cap and stack of books on beach towel with umbrella


2022 Summer Reading

Welcome to summer 2022!  We are happy to offer Madison students an opportunity to read for enjoyment this summer.  The following suggested reading lists were curated by Madison's library media specialists with the help of students and teachers across the district.  

It should be noted that many of the titles in the 2022 Summer Reading List are available in e-book and audio format. The Madison Public Schools maintains an extensive ebook and audiobook collection through Sora which students can access using their Student ID number.   The Scranton Library also has several digital libraries available to Madison residents.  Students taking AP/ECE classes in the fall have required work posted on the Honors & AP Requirements page.

All students are asked to keep track of their reading either by recording minutes read via the Scranton Library Summer Reading Program or by submitting a completed Recording Sheet when they return for the new 2022-2023 school year.