Daniel Hand High School

Welcome to the DHHS Suggested Summer Reading List! 

Students entering English or Honors English should be prepared to share summer reading experiences within their PAW groups and with their English teachers in September. While there is no required reading list, consistent with English classroom expectations, students are expected to continue to work toward their personal reading goals and academic reading goal of two hours of reading per week.

What the Research Says:

Two hours of reading per week is college-ready. Volume and time spent reading is the most effective way to improve reading rate. When it comes to comprehension, students should choose books of high interest and within or just outside their comfort level. The practice of reading longer form texts is essential to navigating complex ideas and developing critical thinking skills with which to interact with these complex ideas.

How it Looks in Class:

All students have been choosing books for independent reading in class; teachers have worked diligently to get students to become aware of their identities as readers and develop a “reading life.” Teachers have conferred with individual students on a regular basis, encouraging and guiding them toward that one book—the one that makes a reader for life. Please continue this conversation at home and find out what your child has been reading all year and what you might want to read beside them!

Each student is expected to complete summer reading before school begins and hand in a Summer Reading Recording Sheet to the LMC in September.

Students in AP and/or certain Honors classes have specific requirements. See Requirements page. Enjoy your summer! We cannot wait to hear all about the books you selected to read.