Grade 1


Welcome first grade readers! You have been practicing choosing just right books from many fiction and nonfiction genres and have built stamina for reading at least 20 minutes at a time. We hope you will continue talking about reading with your friends and adults during the summer.

The Scranton Library is an invaluable resource to help you connect your child with books, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and opportunities to spend time with other readers.

You are free to read whatever you enjoy! Readers read what they love!

Please help your child keep track of his reading by either filling out a Summer Reading Recording Sheet of all titles that you've read together and submit it to his/her teacher in September or by participating in the Scranton Summer Reading program which tracks minutes read starting June 29th.  

For even more reading fun, Principal Frost and Principal Spooner are hoping their students will joint them on a reading adventure this summer!

Happy Reading!

Fiction Authors


Nonfiction Authors