Grade 4

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Welcome to the Grade 4 Suggested Summer Reading List!

If you are a student entering fourth grade you are asked to read regularly this summer and complete a minimum of four titles by the time you enter Brown in the fall.

You are pros at choosing "just right" books from fiction and nonfiction genres and have built stamina for reading. We hope you will take charge of your reading lives and develop a list of books, authors, or topics that you plan to read and explore this summer.

You've been developing the skills to talk about your reading with your peers and adults and we hope that you will continue to have opportunities to do so during the summer. The Scranton Library is an invaluable resource to help you find books, audiobooks, magazines and library programs to connect with other readers.

The Grade 4 Suggested Summer Reading list is a compilation of our students’ favorite titles, authors, genres, and resources that we hope will help guide your reading all summer long! However, you are free to read whatever you may enjoy!

Please use the menu below to navigate through the genres. In September, please submit a list of books that you have read to your Language Arts teacher.

Happy Reading!



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